Project description 

Gamification tools for youth learning is a KA2 Innovation in the field of youth strategic partnership project with the main aim to create digital tools for youth workers to support young people in their learning processes of various topics and digital participation.


Main objectives of the project:

  • To provide opportunities for youth workers to involve digital tools when providing youth work activities for young people;
  • To involve new digital methods and tools for providing youth work activities;
  • The young people to gain knowledge and skills on different topics for their social and personal development using online digital tools
  • To motivate and inspire youth to act at local and national level by using their own potential, openness and ideas;
  • Offering new opportunities for online learning on different topics providing social and personal development for young people on local and national level.


Target groups:

  • Youth organizations – which provide basic activities for youth work activities on local level;
  • Youth workers – which are working with young people on a daily basis;
  • Young people – aged 15-29 years old.


Steps of the project:


  • Research at national level – the needs of using gamification tools. Participants included young people, youth workers and organizations. 
  • Creating a digital tool – an online learning gamification tool.
  • Testing the finished digital tool.
  • Making the digital tool and intellectual results accessible to the target group and implemented in practice.

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