Facilitation Academy vol.3.


Facilitation Academy is a non-formal educational program of the Federation of Children’s and Youth Municipal Councils since 2015. This program aims to provide supervised learning process for participants with relatively lack of experience in facilitating group learning processes. The Academy so far has hosted over 50 participants through two editionsand implemented one practice project also. The main concept is to provide useful and quality learning for those who are interested in designing non-formal education programs for young people but not having a chance to learn it elsewhere.

Aims of the Facilitation Academy vol.3 project are to provide an opportunity through three suitable trainings for participants to deal with tasks related to group-leading, coordination, facilitation. In order to reach that goal the trainings will foster the improvement of skills through the methods of non formal education and experiental learning. The main topic of the first training will be the basic facilitation skills, the second’s will to ensure the quality of learning in different non-formal education programs. The focus of the third training will on the quality  in logistics preparation. 

After the three trainings the participants will have chance to carry out and implement a youth exchange about the topic of “Heroes”. This international youth exchange will be an opportunity for participants to deepen and enrich their theoretical experience gained during the project in practice. The “Heroes” has an independent goal of the quality program for young people for intercultural and civic learning. The program have designed to give space for the young participants to learn about each other’s cultural traditions, gain practical experience international projects, as well as the issue of social responsibility processed. 

The Facilitation Academy vol.3 project also aims to further deepen the cooperation between the partner organizations by actively involving their staff and professionals involved in the training in this process.

Participants will come from Croatia, Italy, Latvia, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain and Hungary. The coordinator of the project is the Federation of Children’s and Youth Municipal Councils from Hungary.

The program is supported by the Erasmus+ Program.



  • to create a training environment for participants where they can reflect on themselves in order to develop their competence to facilitate group learning processes 
  • to have a common understanding of what group dynamics is, group processes means and also to strengthen the importance of it, 
  • to raise awareness about the preparation of international educational programs involving young people and develop competences linked with it 
  • to show some examples about facilitation skills by using different techniques and methods 
  • to provide tools and methods and possibility to develop skills to support participant’s learning processes (graphic facilitation, self-directed learning, challenging situation in groups etc).

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