“Participating in this project was a random thing, it was not planned, so a had really contrasting emotions about it all. It was the first time I participated in a training course with a small group of people, and that was the challenging part, but my expectations were fulfilled. 

At the end of the day I learned a lot from the trainers that were spectacular, they were inspiring and it was hipnotic listening to their explanations and experiences, I loved it! 

Also, I was happy to take part of the project cause I feel like I learned a lot about youth participation, and listening to the experiences of the guests made me think about really taking action in my locality, and to found a way to be able to help youngsters and to let them know that there are opportunities where they will be listened to. 

The whole experience was so enriching and I will always be thankful for the people who made this possible. I promise to myself and to the ones that reached to us for the activities to be better, take actions and be really involved in youth participations. You made me discover something that really moved something in me, and those kinds of sentiments have to be listened to, so this is what I plan to do, thanks to you, in my future!

Lots of love, thank you so much and hope to see you very soon.”

Jessica Lacinej, Italy