For our KA3 project, REPARTICIPATION we achieved an Erasmus+ Excellence Award from the Hungarian National Agency. 

RÉV has improved the dialogue between the youth and the decision-makers nation-wide. Within local communities, actual processes were initiated which influenced the lives of young people, the decision-makers, as well as that of the community. Besides, they also published a gap-filling, practice-oriented volume, titled Locally How? Practical Starting Points for Municipal Youth Work, providing help to every local government youth specialist in their work.

Experiential training course series, an active dialogue between youth and local government decision-makers, a gap-filling volume on youth work… These were all included in the structured dialogue project implemented by the Federation of Children’s and Youth Councils (FCYMC) with the involvement of nearly 40 municipalities and 455 participants. The young participants learnt about the aspects of sustainable municipal development, assessed the needs of their own communities and launched a dialogue with local government decision-makers. Coordinator Barnabás Gulyás told us about the challenges, achievements and beauties of the ambitious project.

You can read the whole interview here.