What is the Federation of Children’s and Youth Municipal Councils? Figure it out now!

Federation of Children’s and Youth Municipal Councils (FCYMC) is a Hungarian national NGO, an umbrella organization of local children’s and youth councils. It was created in 1996 with the main goal of representing local youth communities at a national level, creating opportunities for them to meet, and to help them develop. Throughout the years our organization has grown a lot, now we carry out national and international project concerning active citizenship, democracy and empowerment. Providing the existing youth councils and groups of youngsters who wish to create youth councils with professional methodologies, trainings and experiences has become our mission. We wish to promote the importance of being active and ready for action at local level at a very young age. In order to have self-conscious and aware young adults we have to begin to teach and show children the possibilities and power of initiating changes.

In the past few years we had several projects concerning the constructed dialogue between decision-makers of our country and youngsters. We’ve realized that we have to develop the methodologies existing in order to bring change to the matter. We believe that decision- makers would be open to the opinion of youngsters of Hungary, but nor the place nor the opportunities are not necessarily given. During our past projects, we also came to the following conclusion: youngster in Hungary are not prepared to have an equal conversation with decision-makers. They need help in expressing their own opinion and development of representing the opinions and interests of their peers. Our national and international projects in the last few years focused mainly to these issues.

We are working with an 8-membered operative group (the chair of the organization – the president, the secretary general and 3 vice-presidents and a trinomial supervising and controlling committee), who are volunteers. The decision-making body is the assembly of representatives (from the members youth councils), which meets at least two times a year. One of the specialties of our organization is the voluntary work that every member of FCYMC is doing in order to manage every-day matters. Our management has a system of rotations, which means that during given times one of the presidency is responsible for different daily matters.