MagicEurope reloaded is a fictional state, created during an 8-sided youth exchange between 2-10. September 2019. It is the main frame of our project, and during the exchange youngsters will create the country of MagicEurope, with its own rules, which they have to follow during the programme. The state will be based on democratic values, and during the creation and implementation the model in front of us will be the operations and structure of the European Union. This way the participants can learn in practice how to work in a group, live in democratic coexistence, and even methods for successful conflict-resolutions. During the exchange we will go through the subjects of active citizenship and civic participations as thoroughly as possible. This phase will start with a research, where the national teams will access the “level of development” in their own country. Using the results of the research we will create online contents with the goal of raising awareness among the people – especially youngsters – of the importance of active citizenship. We will work out a communicational strategy in order to carry out a major online campaign in the 7. day of the exchange (“Day of Active Citizenship”) – which will give us the opportunity to present and disseminate the contents made during the exchange. The project is highly focused on the learning process of the participating youngsters between 15-25, which is reached by the quality of the professional programme and the national team-leaders.

Participating countries: Bulgaria, Poland, Lithuania,Latvia, Estonia, Italy, Cyprus and Hungary.

In order to have a successful online campaign we will get in contact with many national and international civic organisations – with the help of our project partners; and we will make sure that the final results and products of the exchange will be used and spread even after the project’s end. The topics are processed with non-formal methods. Thanks to the project the participants acquire skills that help them support equality, shared responsibility and justice. Their awareness about European citizenship increases, they become familiar with other languages, other cultures, and their transversal skills improve. They build the knowledge they acquired during the project into their personality, thus contributing to the emergence of a more tolerant and democratic society. They multiply the things they learnt among their own family, community and environment with the help of the tools they acquired during the project.