The aim of our training is that the GYIÖT can summarize the experiences of the present KA3 and previously organised 5.1 projects and share them with the presented youth workers in the frame of a seven days long international training During the training, together with the participants, with the method of non-formal education, we are going to process the essence of the projects as well as the main expectations of the call for proposals, but we are also going to look at the process of Youth Dialogue, and the professional background of the meetings between the young people and decision-makers. Moreover we want to highlight the importance of the topic of providing the learning process to young people. We are also going to involve the participants to transact specific parts of the training, using their already existing resources and experiences of organising a project, since all of them have experience in this field. (Besides that we also involve successful project.)

The international training Locality of the Federation of Children and Youth Municipal Councils (GYIÖT) will be placed in Hungary all together with the participation of sixteen youth worker. The eight sided project will be realized by the active participation and collaboration of eight different type
of organizations. It is true about all of our partners, that they had already successfully organized projects in the program of Erasmus+, but have gained experience only in the KA1 field, meanwhile the type of KA3 is barely known for them. That is why beforehand they have not dared to participate in it, but they consider working with KA3 projects as the next step forward in the life of their organization.